Managing your website content with Media Parade

Every business has unique requirements for serving content to your website. ¬†Media Parade is web services company in Manhattan Beach that don’t only provide professional web design services and website promotion but content management as well. A content management system (CMS) has the capability of supporting your content strategy. At media Parade we are dedicated to providing CMS solutions by industry experts from concept to development.

We can help you gain more control over your web content in a cost-effective way. With many content management services available, we can work with you to customize a content management design that fits your long term goals without being a financial burden.

Media Parade can be your partner in managing content and enterprise data with the correctly identified content management system features. We will help you define your requirements, interpret and evaluate criteria, and eliminate all but the most effective options to help you choose the best solution for your content management system.

Content Management Implementation Services

  • Configure content management service to fit your existing architecture
  • Build and test necessary components
  • Assist in conducting data transfer
  • Perform quality assurance tests
  • Help train content contributors and administrators
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance

Call us to discuss if a content management system is right for you as part of your website maintenance plan. Email: solutions<@> Phone: 310-893-3995.


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