Success with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is imperative for managing your reputation online, strengthening your brand, and creating relationships with your customers. It also creates a unique and powerful way to optimize your keywords for search engine ranking and link building. By creating social media profiles in major social media marketing sites, complemented with unique content and keywords, you can effectively engage with your target online audience.

When implemented correctly, a social media marketing campaign can result in more traffic, hundreds or thousands of new inbound links to your website through viral marketing, and strengthen or create long term relationships with customers and users through social networking.

By integrating social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques, your business will be engaged in a unique and profitable internet marketing strategy that is sure to help strengthen your brand and increase your exposure to a targeted audience.

Depending on your business goals the following are a list of benefits that we can help you achieve through social media optimization on your website:

  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Reputation Management
  • Increased relevant visitor traffic
  • Higher ranking in search engines
  • Increased inbound links and referrals
  • Communication channel for your customers
  • Increased leads for your products and services

Media Parade’s social media marketing and optimization services

Online brand and reputation management
Management and monitoring of your business’ online reputation in a proactive manner. We’ll guide you through the “how’s” of efficiently engaging with social media networks and help you maintain a positive asset by cross-promoting your social media profiles.

Competitive analysis
A detailed analysis of your competitor’s social media tactics. What is working well for your lead competitors might work for you, too.

Social networking
Based on your marketing campaign objective and target community, we will build your contacts, links, groups, join groups, post updates and update your pages regularly.

Social bookmarking
We will register and book mark your site content to popular social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, and the like.

Social media profile creation and management
Creation and management of your social media profiles in social networks considering how to best reach your target audience.

Social marketing design
Our professional web designers will create a custom social media design for your sites, such as Facebook profile image, Twitter Skins, and Blog designs.

Blog setup, customization and marketing/optimization
Our team of web designers will set up and design a custom blog for you or your business and optimize it both for social media networks and search engines – we can even host and maintain it for you, and develop a blogger brand ambassador program for long term success.

Let’s get you started with social media marketing and optimization. Contact us and get free consultation or if you want to learn more about our services.
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