Our Web Design Philosophy

Designing a website effectively – how do we do this?

It all begins with a good web design plan along with persistent interaction with our clients. We don’t proceed with your website project until we are completely in the know of your company goals and objectives, the purpose of your website, a thorough analysis of your industry competition and most especially, a deep understanding of your target audience. A careful research and brainstorming of this information is our sure way of maximizing your website’s efficiency.

What are the major characteristics of an effective web design?

  • Visitor-focused, visitor-friendly
  • This is about your website having the capability to convey your message to your target audience, having the style that fits their interest and providing your visitors a pleasant and rewarding ‘site visit’ experience – fast site load speed, accessibility, ease of contact and consistent layout. Your website should meet your visitor’s expectations and make their search for info fulfilling.

  • Easy website navigation
  • The first thing your website visitors do is read your content and then surf for pages that they might find interesting. Making it easy for your target visitors to find the information that they need, will make them stay glued on your site a little longer. This projects a possibility that this visitor will perform positive responses such as contacting you to try your services or to buy your products.

  • Professional look and feel
  • A website with professional look and feel catches visitor’s attention and interest first and foremost. This is another important aspect of an effective web design paramount to your website’s success.

  • Search engine friendly
  • An attractive and well-designed website reflecting your company’s image and style is an important factor to consider in web design. However, what’s more important is that, your website is as twice as attractive to search engines. What else is good about a beautifully created website when your expected visitors can’t find it?

  • Good quality content
  • The most important characteristic of an effective web page. This is the whole package of your website’s success. This is how your visitors will judge you and your brand. This is what makes them leave or stay at your site. Most importantly, this is how search engines will rank you and make you rise above your competitors.

Our Web Design Process

Designing and developing a good website needs a meticulous approach and planning process. This is how we guide you through the entire website project from start to finish. Our website planning process and approach ensures the right balance between design, development, content and marketing integration for a well integrated website structure and website design. Each project will include website project management and an appropriate web design consultant or team.

Website project preparation
Website project preparation is the first step in the web design process. In this web design phase, we define and study your site goals, target audience, your competition in the market and your time constraints. We will also arrange a list of the most important search engine keywords you want your business to rank well for search engine optimization. Next, we will determine the elements of your website and functionalities and your intended marketing plan, be it an internet marketing or social media marketing approach.

Quote and proposal submission
After a careful evaluation of all the information that you provided, we will formulate an affordable web design proposal. The web design proposal summarizes your site’s scope, objectives, and requirements, overall marketing strategy. It will also outline our website design and internet marketing recommendations.

Planning your website
Upon your approval and acceptance of the proposal, we will begin developing the structural design of your website and its framework. This phase will also include essential tasks like putting together the best domain name for your website as well as website hosting selections and registration.

Contact us now for your next web design project. Phone: 310-893-3995. Email: solutions<@>mediaparade.com.


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