Building an SEO-Friendly Website Structure: Do it Now, or Later?

Date Posted: Thursday, December 16th, 2010
by admin

It is imperative to have an SEO-friendly website structure if you want to benefit in search engine ranking or in being visible in searches.

As a company seeking a new website, you have two options: (1) Build a new site with SEO before you launch, or (2) A website re-design to include SEO after your site has been live. Before you choose which option fits you best, here are some notable thoughts to consider …

Even though websites are changeable, the longer you wait to add SEO to your website, the more harm you are doing to your business. It’s much easier to build SEO into your website before you launch, and avoid any damage.

Here is why:

  • New domains usually experience a long period of low search engine rankings, or none at all. If you wait to add SEO, you are only encouraging this effect.
  • A website redesign is usually more costly and time-consuming than an initial website design. The longer your site is live the more complex and difficult your website redesign becomes.
  • A website redesign can cause disruption to URL structure, losing link equity that has been built over time.
  • Don’t forget, core SEO can be done in a few simple steps with keyword research, keyword grouping, and keyword mapping in your information architecture. You can always opt to do a simple version of SEO, and revisit it later to do a more complex and successful plan.

However, if you can’t afford the time or cash to opt for SEO services at the beginning, it can still be done with good website re-design. Therefore, if you are thinking about adding SEO at a later date, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Choose a web development firm to design your website that you will also use to do your SEO. This way, your website will be designed by someone who anticipates you plan to add Search Engine Optimization, making the process less complicated in the long run.
  • It is helpful to select a web development firm that also offers Social Media marketing. A good social media strategy will improve your search ability, and your website design company can set up your website to be social media friendly as well.

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