How To Choose A Social Media Marketing Company

Date Posted: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
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With thousands of web development companies and individuals investing in social media marketing it’s difficult to select the right social media marketing company, especially when the industry is still in its infancy. Creating social media profiles on different social media networks like Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, and Friendster is cost effective, but it is not enough. To reap the benefits of social network marketing you need a social media marketing campaign to reach your target and hit your niche effectively, and it’s crucial to select a qualified, creative, and experienced agency to implement your strategy.

There are several factors in selecting a social media marketing agency that need to be taken into consideration. Everything you do online goes viral instantly, which is why poor social media marketing can impact your image negatively and in no time at all. Therefore, it’s important when interviewing an agency to make sure and ask these questions before you make a commitment:

  • How long has your agency or web development company been in business? And, how many years experience does your staff have in social media marketing?
  • It’s not a bad thing to hire a web development company or PR agency to do your social media marketing if they offer it, nor is it bad to hire independent contractors who are doing contract jobs. However, you must make sure that either the individuals in charge of your project, or the company itself has at least 2 years experience. Social Media marketing strategies are often dependent on trial and error tactics, therefore you want to select a company or person that has spent enough time navigating social media sites to understand what works best.

  • Have you done social media marketing campaigns for my type of business before?
  • Let’s face it, marketing a book is not the same as marketing a bank. Make sure your online marketing company has at least some experience with your product type. Before making a decision, you should ask to see a company’s web portfolio of past and current projects to be sure they can handle your business.

  • How long is your typical social media marketing campaign?
  • Good social media marketing agencies should be able to offer you at least 2 options: (1) A 2-3 month campaign, and (2) An ongoing marketing strategy. Typical campaigns should be for a minimum of 2-3 months to kick-off a product launch, or to start your business in the social media networking world.

    However, for effectiveness of long term branding success, social media marketing should be ongoing. Beware of agencies that offer you quick success –while this may be true for short term awareness, it is not effective for long term social networking success.

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