What Makes Web Design User-Friendly?

Date Posted: Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
by admin

In one hour of random website searching and visiting to find red shoes, here is what we found:

  • A clothing company that offered red skirts, red shirts, red jewelry, but no red shoes.
  • A shoes company that offered beautiful red shoes, only to find they were out of stock after we signed up for an account and tried check-out and buy.
  • A shoe company that offered every kind of red shoe imaginable, that froze our screen every time we clicked to view them.
  • A beautiful pair of red shoes, no contact information to call the company for customer service, and a check-out with so many bugs that we couldn’t get our order through.
  • A great website that sells red shoes, and makes them easy to buy.

Now imagine you really need a pair of red shoes…. What will you do?

Many companies design their website without the user in mind. Most companies will design their website to drive traffic, using manipulative tactics and creative marketing strategies. But if you don’t have a great website that we can find, that sells red shoes and makes them easy to buy, well then you will not sell red shoes, nor will you probably sell anything you’re offering.

Luckily, you can easily avoid this conundrum by creating a user friendly website. And here’s how:

  • Create a good text-based site map with a short description of what each page offers.
  • Use a logical navigation structure using logical headings and link descriptions.
  • Use a consistent design and layout using common sense rules.
  • Include a website search tool – to allow users to find red shoes.
  • Check for site errors regularly. Be proactive in finding them.
  • Ensure that all your forms and buying tools, such as shopping carts work!
  • Include contact information.
  • Use easy to understand language and text.
  • Go for SEO-friendly web design.

When selecting a website design or a web development company, make sure to follow this rule: “Your website is not jut there to amuse, it’s there to use.”

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