What Your SEO-friendly Website Should Include

Date Posted: Monday, October 25th, 2010
by admin

An intelligent website design company will not only be able to provide great SEO, they will also build a user-friendly website that encourages both internet visibility and user engagement.

Your website design company should be concerned with three goals when designing your website.
(1) People will find you in search engines.
(2) Once they find you, they stay glued.
(3) Your website is easy to navigation that makes people find information quickly.

While an SEO-friendly website does not guarantee to improve your sales, it will improve your search engine rankings, driving more people to your website. Combined with a user-friendly and easy to navigate website design, you greatly increase your chances for attracting people to your business or product. You won’t find clients if they can’t find you!

In order for your site to be SEO-friendly, this is what your website should include:

  • Clean and Descriptive Titles to catch attention. Titles are what people see first, you must make sure they clearly state what you do.
  • Keyword Rich URL’s that describe the information that will presented on that page. For example: www.mediaparade.com/search-engine-optimization
  • Easy to read title descriptions that represent what the title suggests.
  • Strong Meta tags and keywords. This helps with relevancy.
  • Intelligent keyword grouping that segment them into tightly themed groups. This will create a map for your website layout.
  • Text! If you are search engine ranking concerned, then focus on text only, rather than flashy design. Searches are concerned with text, not graphics.
  • Unique content should be used for each page so that bots have no trouble in deciding which page to rank.
  • Google Site Maps to help Google index web pages.

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